Bruce F. Common, LMT


"We work hard to provide excellent service to each person who calls us or walks through our doors."
-Bruce F. Common, LMT
 Owner, 12th Avenue Massage Therapy Group

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September 2016
Today was my first visit and I am extremely pleased to have found a great massage therapy facility in Pensacola! I had an hour therapeutic massage with Jon Spears, and I highly recommend his services. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and works with you throughout the session to your desired level of pressure while reinforcing that you take relaxing deep breathes.
Sandy W.

September 2016
Fantastic! My girlfriend and I went in for a couples session. She got a relaxation and I got the therapeutic.They made it a point to keep both of us comfortable throughout the experience. My therapist was Jon Spears, the girlfriend got Irina James. That being said I can only speak first hand about Jon. The man is a walking anatomy and physiology book. But knows how to brake it down so that the average Joe can learn. He listened to the issues I stated concerning lower back pain and modified the massage to help my situation best. I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend this establishment to anyone!
Clark K.

August 2016
Julie was incredible. Such a gifted masseuse. This was "hands down" the best massage I have had in 10 years. My wife was equally impressed by Michelle. If we are within a few hundred miles of Pensacola, we will be back! We may even stop in town just for this place!
Robert R.

July 2016
My girlfriend and I did a couples massage there today with Jocelyn and Irina and absolutely loved it. Great service made us feel very comfortable and at home keep up the good work guys.
Ryan P.

May 2016

I am new to Pensacola and feel fortunate to have found the 12th Avenue Massage group. Bruce is an incredibly intuitive therapist that gave me one of the best massages that I have ever had. I like a deep tissue massage and he balances that kind of pressure out perfectly. I look forward to working with him, for many years to come. And to working with some of the other therapist as well.
Tag P.

May 2016
I have dealt with chronic back and neck pain for over four years. I have tired many things and almost all have failed.
Years of bad posture and football injuries left me looking for an answer.
That answer was Bruce Common.
After two visits the results speak for themselves!
I would recommend his hands on work 10/10 but where he goes above and beyond is his wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share.
He went out of his way over and over to talk to me and give me advice for stuff that I could do on my own to reverse the damage and ease the pain for good. His work speaks for itself. How he treats with care and like and individual not a number makes him and the firm the best in town.
If you have pain or questions seek Mr. Common.
5 stars does not do him justice !

Tanner O.

April 2016
Loved my experience at 12th Avenue Massage. Love the ease of online scheduling. Jon did a fantastic job and I will definitely be returning.
Jennifer R.

April 2016
Amazing place with a great massage, because you actually get the full time you pay for and the massage you want . For athletic people and triathletes this is the place to go n see Jon Spears
Michael M.

February 2016
As a Physical Therapist for 30 years I had a flare up due to my severe scoliosis while visiting Pensacola. I booked a 30 minute Structural massage (deep to medium pressure for posture alignment) with Bruce. He listened to my request. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and experienced in multiple techniques, He knows how to judge and modify the intensity and tolerance for the maximal benefit which I got. I was not familiar with all the techniques and the Thai massage techniques were particularly effective. I often prefer a female therapist, but he respected my privacy 100% and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. This is the kind of experience that can complement a pain management program. I’ll be back, prn.
Sally P.

January 2016
This was a great experience. I made the appointment and went in on the same day. Bruce (the owner) called me before the appointment to ask me some questions about why I was coming in (great customer service!) and then told me I could come in a little early.
So, I filled out the paperwork, and Hilary got me in my room early, started early, and finished late. Very relaxing and very sweet girl! She went above and beyond. Will definitely be recommending to people about what a great establishment you guys have going on! Thanks again.

Camille C.

January 2016
12th Avenue massage is a really great establishment and a great place to get therapeutic massages. When I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain, I decided to give this place a try. When I walked in and laid down for my massage, I told the masseuse where I was hurting and he got to work. I started to talk to him about different things and it came up that I had been having some pain around my right eye. I had assumed that this had something to do with eye strain or me needing a new prescription for my glasses. Before I even told him it was my right eye, however, the masseuse guessed which eye it was that hurt. It turned out that it was related to my shoulder/neck pain. After massages and doing stretches that my masseuse advised, all of my different pains have cleared up. It is an excellent place and everyone there is really knowledgeable. I would advise 12th Avenue Massage to everyone.
Crimson A.

January 2016
12th Avenue massage is a really great establishment and a great place to get therapeutic massages. When I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain, I decided to give this place a try. When I walked in and laid down for my massage, I told the masseuse where I was hurting and he got to work. I started to talk to him about different things and it came up that I had been having some pain around my right eye. I had assumed that this had something to do with eye strain or me needing a new prescription for my glasses. Before I even told him it was my right eye, however, the masseuse guessed which eye it was that hurt. It turned out that it was related to my shoulder/neck pain. After massages and doing stretches that my masseuse advised, all of my different pains have cleared up. It is an excellent place and everyone there is really knowledgeable. I would advise 12th Avenue Massage to everyone.
Ethan B.



Sept. 17, 2016
Therapist: Bruce F. Common, LMT
Great Massage, the therapeutic massage was just what I needed, Bruce worked on my shoulders and hips with great pressure and was able to give full massage in the 90 minutes. I am from out of town so glad to find a person like Bruce. I will be back when I am in town.
Carol D.

August 23, 2016
Therapist: Richard Weirick, LMT
As soon as I walked through the door, I was relaxed. The staff was welcoming and the atmosphere was very clean and peaceful. Within minuets of being there I forgot I was in Pensacola. I loved this place and will be returning. Richard was very knowledgeable and helpful. I received a structural massage from him. He made it a point to keep me informed and help me understand why I was having the pain I was having. I left feeling like a new person and was encouraged to give my body more attention in my daily life. I do not think I could have been a more satisfied customer. Thanks Richard!
Ryan R.

July 29, 2016
Jon P. Spears, LMT
Best massage in my life! So glad I found y'all!!!
July 29, 2016
Ashley M.

Aug. 31, 2016
Therapist: Bruce F. Common, LMT
Bruce is the magic man! He is extremely knowledgeable not only in all forms of massage, he knows how the human body works, and can immediately pinpoint problem areas... and then knows how to correct them. I see Bruce monthly, and have been pain free for years now. And besides his exceptional expertise in his field, he is also simply a great person and a very fair-minded businessman. I highly recommend!!
Larry L.

July 16, 2016
Irina James, LMT
12th Avenue Massage is a really nice group to work with. Everything is well run by Bruce and the facilities are very comfortable and welcoming. The location is convenient, too. Most importantly, the therapists are top notch. I highly recommend this group to anyone new to massage or looking for a change in therapists. I swear by massage therapy for pain management (neck and lower back) and always feel better and more relaxed after my massage at 12th Ave. than I did before I went in. I just had my first massage with Irina and can only say Wow!!! I booked my next appointment with her immediately. I have been using massage therapy for years for pain management and this was probably the best therapeutic massage I've ever had. I really mean it. Irina is highly skilled, very kind, and attentive to the level of pressure that is desirable to the client. I'm very glad I found her and offer my highest recommendations of her to anyone looking for a great massage therapist.
Felicia M.

July 8, 2016
Richard Weirick, LMT
Love the location! Very relaxing! Very strong hands! Able to get deep into your problem areas! Definitely use him again! He seems very knowledgeable and able to work on your problem areas! Had a 30 min therapeutic massage and wish o would have scheduled a full hour!
Melissa S.

May 16, 2016
Jon P. Spears, LMT
Great spot. Very informative and great massage!
Andrew W.

May 1, 2016
Rebecca Whisenant, LMT
Amazing service each time. Spoiled by this group! She is soooooo amazing!!!!
Amy R.

March 14, 2016
Bruce F. Common, LMT
This was the best massage that I have ever had. Bruce is great! He not only gives a great massage, but he also informs you about your muscles and how to self treat at home to improve your wellness. I highly recommend!!

Ralph M.

February 13, 2016
Irina James, LMT
Irina was fabulous! I can always expect that a visit to Twelfth Avenue Massage Therapy Group will mean clean environment, calming atmosphere and professional services by trained massage therapists. Thank you!! Irina was fabulous! She has much more strength than she may appear to have. She always checks in to make sure that her pressure is not too deep or too light. Knows how to deal with muscle tension issues. Will definitely return to see her!
Susan H.

Jan 4, 2016
Jon P. Spears, LMT
Venue was great and relaxing, everything went very well. I definitely recommend the 90 minutes, because time sure does fly! Jon was very professional and did an excellent job. even after time was up he showed me stretches and exercises I could do at home to further the benefits from my massage.
Patrick T.



I had my 1st visit with Jon Spears and highly recommend him!  When I went in for my visit today, I had a headache for 3 days and left headache free!  He stresses relaxation breathing while he does the therapeutic massage to thoroughly relax the muscles.  Very knowledgeable and thorough.  Looking forward to next appointment.
Sandy W.

Before I went to 12th Ave Massage I had neck and back pains from standing up too long at my job. I had Jon Spears and he did an excellent job. I did a 1 hr deep tissue massage with him about 4 months ago and I haven't had a neck or back pain since. Everyone very welcoming. Highly recommend this place. Ask for Jon Spears. He is excellent.
Danielle H.
Pensacola, Fl

I've had many massages in my life but none as good as the ones I receive from 12th Ave. Massage.  My first visit I saw Bruce who was amazing.  Second time I received a 90 minute massage from Jon Spears and 120 minutes later I definitely felt like I had been massaged!  He spent the extra time to make sure he covered every issue I had and was so knowledgeable and very passionate about helping me feel like I had been therapeutically treated.  If you are like me and want a deep tissue massage with lots of pressure he is the right person for you!  I am definitely going to make the time to go monthly from now on.  Well worth the money.
Pensacola, Fl

Go here to get a massage! I never had a massage before I went to this place. The people were very friendly and knew what they were doing. I highly recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a place to get a massage.
They are very good at scheduling you an appointment and getting you in ASAP. I called Friday afternoon to schedule an appointment, and they booked me an appointment literally within several hours on that same Friday night. How much better customer service can you ask for? Try this place out.

Eric C
Macon, Ga


October 22, 2016
My experience today under Michelle Chancey's care was phenomenal. She took the time to listen about the areas where I experience chronic pain and helpful tips to help soothe these areas between visits. Michelle was very in tune with my issues and eased my muscle pain, as well as, making me feel very comfortable. After, the session with Michelle today I do feel she is the LMT for me and for anyone else Michelle is your go to LMT. Thank you again Michelle.
P.S. I'm drinking lots of water
Christine H.

Posted to 12th Avenue's page:
Jon Spears is a MIRACLE WORKER! He is one of the few people in the area trained in Structural Energetic Therapy in the area, a modality developed by Don McCann to correct postural alignment issues. I have constant back pain from several car accidents, and it had gotten to the point that I could not turn my head completely and had to lean my head to the left to avoid pain as much as possible. After the FIRST session with Jon, the next day I could turn my head and lift my arms! He is very meticulous as he works, slowly working each layer of muscle (which he identifies as he goes along if you like) until he reaches layers so deep that he seems to be working on my skeleton! Truly, he is absolutely FANTASTIC! I haven't stopped handing out his cards since my first treatment with him (I am currently on my third)! The facility is lovely, quiet and completely relaxing...whether you need structural work or just a relaxation massage, Jon is the Massage Therapist to see!
Eurydice S.
October 30, 2014

Posted to 12th Avenue's page:
This summer I traveled to P'cola for vacation and ended up with a terrible shoulder/neck pain on the drive from Atlanta. I have to say that one session with Bruce provided remarkable relief! His skill and expert application of his vast experience was just what I need to feel better fast. And he provided good advice on what to do to keep improving after the massage was over. It saved my whole week. The massage center is welcoming, clean and quiet so I could really relax and let my body release the stress and begin healing. I can't thank Bruce enough. I will definitely make time to go back for another session when in town. If you live there or happen to visit Pensacola and need massage therapy, do check out the 12th Ave Massage Therapy Group!
Andie K.
October 13, 2014

Posted to 12th Avenue's page:
I would like to weigh in on the wonderful massages that I have had at 12th Ave. Massage Therapy Group. The deep tissue massages I've received from Bruce Common have always been professional, very targeted yet relaxing; he has never been challenged by a trigger point he's met! Bruce has had to deal with several issues from accidents I've had and has always helped me tremendously. This testimonial has been long overdue - kudo's to 12th Avenue Massage Therapy Group and to Bruce, in particular. (The teas are wonderful, as well, thank you, Lisa!!)
Pat B.
July 19, 2014

July 2014

Such a wonderful experience! Bruce was able to work me in today. Thank goodness! I really needed a massage! I tried lots of soaking and stretching to relieve my back pain for two days and his massage was just the ticket to get it all relaxed. Bruce even took the time to give me more gentle stretching/ elongating exercises as well as sleep positioning. I've continued to utilize his advice and am seeing lots of relief. Thank you!
Gina W.

February 2014

Having dealt with migraines for years, I recently stumbled on this massage studio, when my desperate call for pain relief was answered on the same day on a Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised by how good Bruce Commons is! Being a physician myself, I appreciate how he listens to me, how knowledgeable he is and how much experience he has. I wouldn't even try another place! Looks like I have made a friend for life. :) Thank you Bruce, for your expertise and I look forward to many more sessions. You are really good at what you do. I'm glad you chose your passion as a profession, for it reflects in your excellent work.
Rasha B.

February 2014

This place is great. They worked me in at the last minute. Highly recommended!
Lori M.

Facebook Reviews
Sept. 2013
Recently I had a massage by the masseuse for The Nets. Afterwards, I was asked "Isn't he the best?". I responded that he was good, but Bruce Common blows him out of the water. I happened to be in town (I live in New Orleans now) and called Bruce for an emergency appointment. I was having trouble moving about from my drive over. An hour later, not a single bit of me hurt and I felt 10 years younger.
Colleen M.
New Orleans, La.

Facebook Reviews
May 2013
As a chiropractic physician here in Pensacola, I have been sending folks to Bruce for neuromuscular work for years...all with very good results. I personally see Bruce monthly for my own body work and he does wonderful work and is someone whose judgement and skill level I trust, as well as his personal integrity. Thank you Bruce! 
Terry Wallace, DC