Massage Therapists cannot practice massage in the state of Florida without a license.
All of our therapists are licensed.

Our current therapists:

 Bruce F. Common, LMT -MA16192
 Jon P. Spears, LMT - MA69722
 Irina James, LMT - MA72482
 Hilary Turner, LMT - MA75474
 Jocelyn Ramirez, LMT - MA72205
 Anita Tums, LMT - MA55302
 Rebecca Whisenant, LMT - MA73337
 Richard Weirick, LMT - MA69172
 Joshua Steele, LMT -MA43843

Our establishment license: MM9764

Massage Therapists are required to attend a school that is approved by the Board of Massage Therapy OR complete an apprentice program that is Board approved. All Massage Therapist must pass the National Certification Examination.

There are two licenses that need to be kept current. The Massage Therapy License and the Establishment License. These must be displayed where they can be seen by the patients.

If you are not sure if a therapist is Licensed, you can check here: